Acne Arrestor Facial

acne treatment facial


Acne Arrestor Facial

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Very effective facial for acne scars and oily skin

See how it works:

acne treatment facial

This is a very effective facial for acne scars, acne marks and generally oily skin. It usesmicro-current and q-switch technologies for the quick relief of acne and oil related problems. Acne Arrestor facial targets all the four causes of acne which include bacteria, clogged pores, excess and inflammation (causes redness and swelling).

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    Benefits of Acne Arrestor Facial

    Treats acne marks
    Uses lasers and LED therapy to eliminate acne causing bacteria
    Shrinks sebaceous glands to control oil production
    Tightens dilated pores
    Removes dead skin and dirt
    Reduces inflammation
    Improves overall skin texture
    Improves blood circulation

    Key Steps of Acne Arrestor Facial

    Step 1:

    Cleansing– To remove dirt and impurities

    Step 2:

    Pressure point massage – For relaxation

    Step 3:

    Vaseline Application – To protect sensitive areas

    Step 4:

    Salicylic Peel – Reduces acne , makes skin smooth and glowing

    Step 5:

    Comedones Extraction– Removes blackheads and whiteheads

    Step 6:

    High Frequency with ECG gel – Removes acne causing bacteria and reduces enlarged pores

    Step 7:

    Papaya mask – Absorbs excess oil and skin whitening

    Step 8:

    Sunscreen – Post treatment sun protection



    Single Session


    Three Session


    Six Session

    Precautions & Post-treatment Care

    • Consultation with experts is important before proceeding with the treatment. We provide remote consultation with a dermatologist.
    • Quit smoking at least 2 weeks prior to the treatment
    • Avoid applying any retinoid that may delay healing
    • Always apply sunscreen post the treatment
    • You may require several sessions depending on your skin and the severity of acne
    • Avoid exfoliating your skin after the facial for at least one week
    • Results my take time to appear depending on the healing process but you will definitely see results

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