Derma Revive Facial


Derma Revive Facial

For quick and effective skin rejuvenation

See how it works:


Derma Revive facial is great for a quick revival of the skin. We use a peel which is then followed by laser treatment after which ultrasonic equipment is used. It increases the blood circulation, elasticity and radiance of the skin.

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    Benefits of Derma Revive Facial

    Removes dead skin and dirt
    Tightens pores
    Evens out the skin tone
    Leaves skin firm and soft
    Controls oil production
    Stimulates collagen production
    Balances the skin nutrients
    Cleans and rejuvenates the epidermis

    Key Steps of Derma Revive Facial

    Step 1


    Cleanser is applied to the skin for removing any dirt and clogged pores


    Step 2


    Organic gel massage is done to increase the blood circulation


    Step 3


    Carbon peel is applied for restoring and re-texturing the skin balance


    Step 4


    Carbon peel is removed using q-switched laser which reduces  enlarged pores. Is also reduces oil production


    Step 5


    Carbon shots is done with a laser which essentially reduces  enlarged pores, shrinks sebaceous glands which in turn reduces oil production


    Step 6


    Laser toning is done to stimulate collagen production which makes the skin soft and supple


    Step 7


    ECG gel is applied to allow for deep penetration of ultrasound waves


    Step 8


    Skin is exposed to ultrasound waves which makes it smooth and fresh


    Step 9


    Serum-soaked hydration mask is placed on the face


    Step 10


    LED therapy is conducted to promote cell regeneration and reducing fine lines and wrinkles


    Step 11


    Sunscreen is applied to protect the skin from harmful rays





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    Six Sessions

    Precautions & Post-treatment Care

    • Stop using any generic tretinoin or retin-A at least 48 hours before and after the treatment
    • Do not use any exfoliating treatments on the area that is going to be treated for at least 48 hours before and after the treatment
    • Do not wax for at least 48 hours before and after the treatment
    • Avoid excessive sun exposure before as well as after the treatment
    • Do not shave your face on the day of your facial or after the facial
    • Wait one day after the treatment to apply make up
    • Avoid exposure to heat or sweat promoting activities (gym, sauna etc.) for 24 hours

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