Elastin Boost facial 


Elastin Boost facial 

For youthful looking skin everyday

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Elastin Boost Facial is an anti aging facial that softens muscles, hydrates, firms, and provides anti-aging benefits. Non-invasive, relaxing treatment for rejuvenated, youthful skin.

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    Benefits of Elastin Boost Facial:

    Improved elasticity & fewer wrinkles.
    Softens muscles, reduces expression lines.
    Instant hydration, plump & revitalize.
    Firms & tones with targeted energy.
    Anti-aging benefits that boost collagen.
    Rejuvenates complexion, youthful glow.
    Non-invasive, safe, no downtime.
    Stress relief & relaxation, pampering experience.

    Key Steps of Elastin Boost Facial

    Step 1

    Cleansing to prep skin for procedure

    Step 2

    Gel application for hydration and VIT C benefits

    Step 3

    Galvanic eases muscles, improves softness

    Step 4

    Emp +bio advanced provides instant hydration, firming & toning

    Step 5

    Massage enhances blood circulation

    Step 6

    Blocking sensitive areas

    Step 7

    Lactic Peel Application

    Step 8

    Electro Micro Mask to help with anti-aging of skin

    Step 9

    Papaya Pack or Clay Pack to tighten

    Step 10

    Fucibet and sunscreen for post-treatment protection



    Single Session


    Three Sessions


    Six Sessions

    Precautions & Post-treatment Care

    • Avoid washing face with soap or face wash for at least 48 hours

    • No exfoliating treatment 48 hours before or after the treatments

    • Do not wax for at least 48 hours before and after the treatment

    • In case you have acne stop using the acne medication 48 hours prior to the treatment

    • Avoid exposure to sunlight after the treatment

    • Avoid intense heat for 24 hours after the treatment

    • Applying and reapplying thick moisturiser

    • Sunscreen application after every 2-3 hours

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