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    Nearly everybody battles with body hair, despite the fact that hair growth happens naturally. It’s obviously unwanted hair and it gets annoying to remove it again and again and often through painful processes.

    Body hair though natural but at times becomes aesthetically unappealing or irritating. The best and the most straight forward way of removing them would be to remove them permanently in the safest and comfortable manner. Our clients rely on us for hair removal treatments that are 100% safe and reliable. No side effects, no pain and deliver assured results at the comfort of your home.

    Laser for Women

    Permanent hair removal for all body parts which include Legs, bikini, arms, shoulders; Chest, back and stomach; Neck, chin, and sideburns. Clients can opt for full body packages or packages that target specific areas.

    Laser for Men

    Tired of waxing your chest and manscaping your back? Get comfortable, painless and permanent hair removal for all body parts like Chest, back, stomach; Neck, backside, bikini line and groin.

    Benefits of Avataar’s laser hair reduction:

    1. Laser is a permanent hair removal solution
    2. No more painful waxing
    3. No risk of getting burnt from hot wax
    4. Razor or cream-based hair removal can damage the skin
    5. The laser treatments are completely safe and skin friendly
    6. Avataar’s laser hair reduction is much more cost effective than waxing
    7. Some body parts are harder to reach when you wax, shave or pluck the hair, but laser hair reduction solves all such problems

    Laser hair reduction process

    • Laser hair removal process is non-invasive
    • The process may take a few minutes to an hour depending on the area that needs to be treated.
    • No downtime needed because it is a painless and a hassle-free process.
    • The more you are relaxed, the better your laser hair removal experience will be.
    • Our staff will do everything possible to assure your comfort and safety throughout the process.
    • Once comfortable you will be made to lie down.
    • The hair on your skin will now be trimmed or shaved.
    • This makes the procedure of hair removal a lot easier.
    • After this a cold gel is applied to the area that will receive the laser therapy.
    • The gel allows the light energy to penetrate faster and more deeply.
    • The laser hair removal device is then pressed to the skin
    • Light energy reaches the hair follicles.
    • A strong heat is produced from the device which damages the hair follicles to prevent future hair growth.
    • This entire process is completely painless and comfortable.


    Body PartPrice for single sessionPackage price for 3 sessionsPackage price for 6 sessions
    Full body₹10,000₹25,500₹40,000
    Arms- full₹4,500₹11,475₹21,600
    Arms- half₹3,500₹8,925₹16,800
    Legs- half₹5,000₹12,750₹24,000
    Legs- full₹5,499₹14,022₹26,395
    Full front₹5,499₹14,022₹26,395
    Half front₹4,000₹10,200₹19,200
    Full Back₹5,500₹14,025₹26,400
    Half Back₹4,000₹10,200₹19,200
    Full face₹3,500₹8,925₹16,800
    Chin & Upper neck₹2,000₹5,100₹9,600
    Upper face₹2,000₹5,100₹9,600
    Lower face₹2,000₹5,100₹9,600
    Upper Lip₹1,100₹2,805₹5,280
    Upper Lip+Chin₹1,870₹4,769₹8,976
    Beard Shaping (male)₹1,500₹3,825₹7,200

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