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Hydration Boost Facial

Offers end to end skin cleansing, hydration and rejuvenation

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Offers end to end skin cleansing, hydration and rejuvenation. It is an 8 step procedure which involves using 3 different serums which helps in deep oxygenation, hydration and exfoliation. It works wonders on dry, rough and damaged skin. It is the perfect facial for a regular skin care routine.

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    Benefits of Hydration Boost Facial


    Moisturizes and nourishes the skin

    Removes dead skin, black/white heads

    Improves blood circulation

    Tightens Skin

    Includes LED therapy customized to your skin type

    Enhances elastic production

    Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

    Rejuvenates skin and produces glow

    Key Steps of Hydration Boost Facial

    Step 1:


    Cleanser is applied to the skin to remove dirt and clogged pores

    Step 2:


    Abrasion is done using a nourishing serum which helps in deep oxygenation, exfoliation and moisturization

    Step 3:


    Electro-scrubbing is done to remove the dead skin cells which softens the skin and generates glow

    Step 4:


    Abrasion is done with Vitamin C. It brightens the texture of the skin, reduces wrinkles and smoothes skin

    Step 5:


    Skin is exposed to ultrasound waves which improves the skin tissues by stimulating blood circulation and promoting skin metabolism

    Step 6:


    Radio frequency is applied to stimulate elastin which makes the skin tighter and lifts it

    Step 7:


    Abrasion is done with Vitamin E. It rejuvenates the skin tissues, minimizes scars, softens skin, traps moisture, and protects the cells from damage. It also reduces inflammation and makes your skin look younger

    Step 8:


    Cold stamp is applied to normalize the skin temperature and reduce inflammation and puffiness

    Step 9:


    Lactic peel is now applied to boost skin hydration. It also illuminates the skin, refines and smoothes it

    Step 10:


    Serum-soaked hydration mask is placed on the face

    Step 11:


    LED therapy is conducted to promote cell regeneration and reducing fine lines and wrinkles

    Step 12:


    Sunscreen is applied to protect the skin from harmful rays




    Single session



    Three Sessions



    Six Sessions (recommended)

    Precautions & Post-treatment Care

    • Stop using generic tretinoin or topical retin-A 48 hours before the facial
    • No exfoliating treatments 48 hours before or after the treatment
    • Do not wax 2 days before and after the treatment
    • In case you have acne stop using the acne medication 48 hours prior to the treatment
    • Do not shave your face right before the treatment
    • Avoid exposure to sunlight after the treatment
    • Avoid intense heat for 24 hours after the treatment
    • Do not forget to apply sunscreen to avoid harmful rays of the sun

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