Insta-Collagen Boost Facial


Insta-Collagen Boost Facial

For an instant and refreshing glow

See how it works:


This comprehensive skincare regime uses several steps and technologies like rapid photo rejuvenation (for quick exfoliation), moisturizing, retexturing. The treatment includes thorough exfoliation, face polish (done with our proprietary derma abrasion equipment). This is followed by an exhaustive multi-technology laser treatment regime which gives a radiant sheen to the skin.

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    Benefits of Insta-Collagen Boost Facial

    Provides instant glow
    Removes dead skin
    Provides complete skin nourishment
    Increases blood circulation
    Removes fine lines and wrinkles
    Tightens skin
    Visibly reduces patches and redness
    Refreshes the skin

    Key Steps of Insta-Collagen Boost Facial

    Step 1:

    Cleanser is applied to the skin to remove dirt and clogged pores

    Step 2:

    ECG gel is applied to allow for deep penetration of ultrasound waves

    Step 3:

    Electro-micro poration is done to tighten the enlarged pores

    Step 4:

    Radio frequency is applied to tighten skin make it and make it smooth and supple

    Step 5:

    Oxygenation: this step oxygenates the skin to increase blood circulation and absorption

    Step 6:

    Biopolar is applied to reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness

    Step 7:

    Diamond Derma Abrasion is applied which removes the dead cells and exfoliates the epidermis

    Step 8:

    Cold stamp is applied to normalize the skin temperature and reduce inflammation and puffiness

    Step 9:

    Lactic peel is now applied to boost skin hydration. It also illuminates the skin, refines and smoothes it

    Step 10:

    Serum-soaked hydration mask is placed on the face

    Step 11:

    LED therapy is conducted to promote cell regeneration and reducing fine lines and wrinkles

    Step 12:

    Sunscreen is applied to protect the skin from harmful rays



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    Three Sessions


    Six Sessions

    Precautions & Post-treatment Care

    • Avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours
    • Use a gentle facial cleanser
    • Moisturize your skin daily because you may experience some dryness and flakiness post facial
    • Do not exfoliate your skin for at least 1 week post facial treatment
    • Avoid using any retinoid- retin-A, Vitamin-C, glycolic acid or any other cream that might interfere with the facial
    • Do not forget to use sunscreen
    • Avoid smoking as it slows down the body’s process of healing and constricts blood vessels
    • Do no exfoliate the skin
    • Avoid heavy exercising for 48 hours post treatment

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