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Myths about Hydrafacial

Hydrafacials are one of the most popular facials that people opt for these days. With excellent results and zero downtime, people prefer hydrafacials that are intensely hydrating. A hydrafacial is high quality facial which uses the hydra-dermabrasion technique to clear clogged pores and hydrate the skin using intensely nourishing serums.

It does not require any downtime and is ideal for combating aging problems and drying the skin which promises results. There are many benefits to getting a hydrafacial and the results don’t only include soft and dewy skin; it can reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines. It nourishes the skin and facilitates collagen production. It also aids in repairing damage caused by sun exposure and discoloration.

Hydrafacial is suitable for all ages (18 and above) and all skin types. But people with conditions like an active rash, rosacea, or sunburn should not opt for this facial. Some of the most common myths associated with hydrafacial are:

Same hydrafacial suits everyone

This is false because a person with oily skin cannot opt for a facial that is tailor-made for dry skin. One facial cannot be used for all. There every client receives a hydrafacial which is crafted specifically for their skin type.

Hydrafacial abrasion poses risks

This is false because hydrafacials do not use any pressing or squeezing to clear clogged pores. Traditional facials use squeezing and tweezing but hydrafacial is gentle on the skin and uses painless extraction. This facial does not cause any peeling or irritation after the procedure. It is non-invasive and painless.

Hydrafacial cannot be used as a combination treatment

This is false in fact you can get treatment on the same day after getting a hydrafacial. Be it injections or LED treatments can be done after a hydrafacial treatment.

Results take the time or are inconsistent

The chances of ordinary facials leaving the skin swollen and red are highly possible. But hydrafacials provide results that are visible immediately after the treatment. The results from hydrafacial are efficient, safe, and consistent. It uses high-tech skincare tools which do not depend on the skills of the expert doing the facial for you which is why the results stay consistent. 

In conclusion, getting hydrafacial will only benefit your skin. It is suitable for anyone and everyone. It suits all skin tones. It rejuvenates your skin and provides intense hydration with no unnecessary downtime.

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