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What is a hydrafacial? How does it work and what are its benefits?

Clear, bright, glowing skin is something that everybody aims for but not something everyone is able to achieve unless you are spending a fortune on skincare products regularly. But achieving that glowing skin with a hydrafacial is gaining popularity very quickly.

Hydrafacial treatment involves using a patented treatment that is generally available at medical spas. A hydrafacial cleanses, extracts, hydrates, and removes tan and dead skin from the skin. It clears clogged pores and provides intense hydration to the skin. Rather than rubbing your skin with coarse scrubs, hydrafacial uses a gentle vacuum to clean your clogged pores and extracts blackheads. It does not cause any redness like the traditional manual methods of extraction.

Unlike salon facials, hydrafacial aids in the long-term maintenance of the skin. Even though the procedure is non-invasive, a hydrafacial gives more dramatic results than a regular salon facial.

Benefits of a hydrafacial

A hydrafacial offers end-to-end skin cleansing, hydration, and rejuvenation. It uses three different serums that help in deep oxygenation, hydration, and exfoliation. It works wonders on dry, rough, and damaged skin. It is the perfect facial for a regular skincare routine.

It improves your overall skin texture, tone, and appearance. It provides deep exfoliation that gives way to better absorption of the serums. It uses a method called hydra-dermabrasion which is like microdermabrasion but is done with hydrating serums.

Other benefits include:

Moisturizes and nourishes the skin

Removes Dead skin and black/white heads

Improves blood circulation

Enhances Elastic production

Includes LED therapy customized to your skin type

Tightens Skin

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Rejuvenates skin and produces glow

Who can get hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is suitable for nearly all ages, complexions, and skin types. Teenagers who suffer from acne; adults with pimples, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation; older adults with sun damage and flaky skin can opt for a hydration boost facial. It gives instant results and there is no downtime needed.

Hydrafacial is generally suitable for everyone but like everything, there are a few exceptions. One should avoid a hydrafacial if they have an active rash, sunburn, severe acne, or rosacea. A person may experience light pressure from the wand during the procedure. Unlike other treatments, a hydrafacial does not cause any pain, redness, or swelling. Pregnant women should consult their doctors before getting a hydrafacial. In case a person has extremely sensitive skin, they should inform their provider before proceeding with the treatment.    

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