Skin Gym


Skin Gym

One stop solution for all your skin problems

What is Skin Gym?

As part of the skin gym we provide 11 at home sessions with technologies that address all your skin concerns. A skincare routine that includes laser technology and peels customized to your skin type by our dermatologists. These 11 sessions are typically completed over a period of 6 months.

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    These specialized treatments are aimed at treating the skin damage that occurs due to lifestyle choices, damage caused by the sun, sleep deprivation, smoking and hormonal conditions. These treatments target the topmost to the deep most layers of the skin to address the root cause of the problem. We help you get the healthy skin you want.

    Our skin gym package covers:


    ₹ 35,000 for 11 sessions customized to your skin issue, along with dermatologist consultations, medications and product recommendations

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