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Is Skin Pigmentation Curable?

is skin pigmentation curable

Hyperpigmentation is the reason.

Hyperpigmentation causes your skin to darken. It refers to the patches of skin that become darker than the surrounding areas of skin. It occurs when the skin produces excess melanin (the pigment that gives skin its color).

Burns, bruises, acne, rashes, or sun exposure to the skin can cause it to produce more melanin and lead to dark spots. Hyperpigmentation can appear as brown, black, grey, red, or pink spots or patches, these spots are called age spots, sun spots, or liver spots. Genetic reasons, hormone changes, thyroid disorders, etc can also be the reason for hyperpigmentation.

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation?

There are a few options that work to neutralize excess melanin production and get rid of hyperpigmentation. All types of dark spots on your skin can be lightened back to your natural skin tone.

To even out your skin you can use skin care products. Make sure to choose the right products that contain ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin C, and Asafoetida which boost the growth of skin cells, block melanin production and inhibit the production of dark spots.

If over-the-counter creams are not helping your skin with hyperpigmentation removal, then you should give a try to technological skin care treatments.

Treatment to cure hyperpigmentation or dark spots

Technological skin care such as Quick Fix Radiance and Glycolic peel helps in reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Quick-Fix Radiance Facial is inspired by global celebrity-grade facials. This facial uses a broad spectrum of light that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin. It uses intense light pulses to renew your skin cells. It stimulates collagen and maintains the protein quotient of the skin. Get your laser facial done by Avataar skincare technologies in the comfort of your home.

Are there any patches on your skin lighter than the skin color?

Hypopigmentation is the reason.

Hypopigmentation occurs due to low amounts of melanin in the skin which causes lighter color patches on the skin than the surrounding skin. Causes of hypopigmentation can be genetic or health conditions. The cure for hypopigmentation depends on the cause such as:

  • Vitiligo – Vitiligo spreads on the skin over a period of time
  • Albinism – Albinism is caused due to genetic factors and can’t be cured over a person’s lifetime
  • Pityriasis alba – Pityriasis alba usually resolves after a period of time
  • Pityriasis Versicolor – Pityriasis Versicolor often can be cured with antifungal treatment.