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Is Laser Hair Reduction really permanent?

Laser hair reduction is not permanent but removes 90 percent of your hair, leaving only 10 percent of really fine, barely discernible hair. Basically, the laser light attacks the hair follicles which arrests the growth of the hair follicle and puts it in a dormant state. Even if the hair manages to grow back it’s usually really fine, lighter, and few.

The laser uses heat beams to damage the hair follicles. These follicles are just beneath the skin and are responsible for hair growth. The heat generated by the beam is used to burn the hair follicle which arrests their growth cycle. The laser beam also targets melanin (the pigment present in the hair follicle making it lighter. It basically reduces the intensity of the pigment.

When the procedure of laser hair reduction is done correctly it can become a more long-term solution when you compare it to the usual methods of hair removal like waxing, shaving, or using hair removal creams. Laser hair reduction is most effective for people which darker thicker hair in which case they may require a few sittings before they see a complete result.

The treatment period may vary from 3 sessions to up to 8. Usually, people see a complete result in 5 or 6 sessions but people who suffer from hormonal conditions like PCOD and hypothyroidism might need more than 6 sessions to see a complete result. People experience 90 percent hair reduction only after several sessions. But this can’t be achieved after 1-2 sessions the reason behind this is that hair is usually under different stages of growth. This makes it impossible to target all the follicles in one session which is why you need multiple sessions for permanent hair reduction.

Each session of laser hair reduction can provide a certain level of hair reduction but that entirely depends on the individual’s re-growth rate and how effective the treatment is. When considering the rate of re-growth we also have to take into account the thickness and the darkness of the hair that grows again. If the hair grows back lighter and finer, it’s also part of hair reduction.

After 5-6 sessions of laser hair reduction, you will see that hair growth is reduced to 90 percent and any hair that does appear is really fine and light in color barely visible to the eyes. Some people might have some hair growth over the years which will require a touch-up session but otherwise, you are good to go. No more painful waxing or shaving.

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