Under Arm Rejuvenation


Under Arm Rejuvenation

Safe & effective for all skin types

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Similar to bikini rejuvenation, we offer treatments to reduce pigmentation in the axilla region. The most common cause of darkened under arms is skin inflammation due to extreme procedures such as waxing, shaving, excessive use of deodorants, etc.

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    Dark underarms are not a cause for alarm but are definitely embarrassing for some people especially during the summer season where you want to wear tank tops and strapless. There are several reasons for underarms to be dark. These include:

    1. The chemical irritants in deodorants and antiperspirants
    2. Irritation caused by shaving
    3. Accumulation of dead skin
    4. Consistent friction from clothes that are tight
    5. Hyperpigmentation
    6. Melasma
    7. Waxing
    8. Smoking (also increases hyperpigmentation)
    9. Hormone conditions

    How to get rid of dark axilla?

    Getting a clean and smooth arm pits requires a combination of treatments, as listed below. Our treatments are completely safe and don’t intervene with any biological process of the body, and are the results are restricted only to the top two layers of the skin. All of our treatments are painless, bearable and non-surgical/non-invasive.

    Below are the recommended treatments for underarm rejuvenation, you can opt for one or all of these:

    1. Laser Hair Reduction- Hair reduction is the first step towards smooth and clean axilla. Over multiple sessions, you can lose up to 90-95% of hair growth in your under arms
    2. Q-switched laser treatment- Lasers are used to break the pigmentation and stimulate the process of new cell generation so that the renewed skin is lighter in tone
    3. Chemical peel treatments- Chemical peels are used to further aid in lightening of the axilla skin. The peel treatment is also completely painless and goes very well with the above-mentioned treatments


    Choose from one of the four packages below and get the axilla you always desired


    Chemical peels
    3 sessions


    Chemical peels & Laser Toning
    6 sessions: 3 each


    Chemical peels & Laser Hair Reduction
    9 sessions: 3 peels, 6 lasers


    Chemical peels, Laser Hair Reduction & Laser Toning
    12 sessions: 3 peels, 6 LHR, 3 laser toning

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