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Worried about your body appearance but can’t devote time to drop a few kilos? Well, we understand your need for a perfect body and present you a solution that empowers you to get back in shape even during those hectic schedules amidst busy lifestyle. Even though we offer the most convenient and quickest possible way to get in shape, the treatments are conducted with US FDA approved technology and are completely safe.

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    How do we enable the perfect body shape you always desired?

    No exercise, No Yoga, No Fancy diets and definitely No Surgery!
    We harness the power of technology. It will enable your muscles to burn fat without exercise!
    We have an array of body management services along with new-age technology.

    Curious & excited to know more?

    We present you an array of body management services douched in new-age technology that have the power to do wonders on your mind, body & soul. Let’s see how!

    Step 1: G5 Application

    • The G5 machine uses a rhythmic massage to tighten an area using rapid vibration.
    • You can shed some weight from a specific body part!
    • It uses radio frequency waves to remove lactic acid and edema accumulated in the muscles.

    Step 2: Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

    • This step uses ultrasound to break down the fat cells under skin
    • It basically uses high frequency sound waves to essentially liquefy the fat.
    •  It can reduce the body’s fat deposits which is usually hard to get rid of.
    • This step will contour and enhance the body shape by reducing the circumference.
    •  It’s the best way reduce cellulite and adipose fat.

    Step 3: Heat Wave Therapy

    • Heat wave therapy increases the intermolecular temperature of fat cells.
    • It triggers the breakdown of the binding between tissues in the muscles
    • It does not damage the skin and tissues around it
    • It loosens the fat cells to enhance the slimming process.

    Step 4: Electric Muscle Stimulation

    • This tool is more time efficient and effective tool that delivers fast results
    • Electric Impulses are generated from a device and delivered through electrodes on placed on the area that needs to be reduced.
    • EMS effectively contracts muscles just like it does during active exercises.
    • Its nature of drastically boosting metabolism and burning fat has earned itself the name as “the new short cut to weight loss”.
    • It does wonders for the whole body.

    So, all you need to do is: Book an appointment, and let Avataar take over your slimming wish!


    Benefits of Avataar’s Weight Reduction Treatments

    0.5-2 inch loss in a single session
    Up to 500 gms weight loss in a single session
    Increased BMR for continued weight reduction
    More defined and well-shaped parts
    Tightened skin
    No starvation or intense workout needed
    Fastest yet safest process to lose inches/kgs
    At your home

    Precautions & Post-treatment Care

    • Understand how the weight loss procedure works. We can provide a remote consultation with a dermatologist to clear all your queries regarding the weight loss procedure.
    • In case the area of treatment is abdomen, please ensure that you have not had any liquid for 60 mins before the treatment and no solid for 120 mins before the treatment. After the treatment, you should avoid having salt for at least 60 mins.
    • Know the minor effects of what might occur after the treatment- some numbness, tingling, pinching sensation during the procedure. The area might feel warm where the fat burning process is taking place.
    • Wear loose clothes during and after the treatment.
    • Drink lots of water.
    • Take it easy after the treatment. The area that has been treated may feel sore but it will be fine in 24-48 hours.


    What is the treatment?

    It is a four step process and uses modern technology to destroy fat cells and sculpt your body.

    Can it help in losing weight?

    Yes it can because it is actively removing fat from your body therefore; it will result in weight loss.

    How long does the treatment take?

    Treatments can take from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area that is being worked on. You will need multiple sessions to see good progress. The results will vary from person to person because the rate of fat burning depends on the person’s metabolism, some burn fat quickly some take a lot more time to burn fat. But what is guaranteed is that they will definitely burn fat and lose weight.

    Which areas can the treatment be applied to?

    This treatment can be applied on different parts of the body like abdomen, neck, chin, arms, thigh, buttocks and back. The key is to remove the stubborn fat.

    Will the results make me look normal?

    Yes of course, because it a non-invasive procedure you will look absolutely normal once it’s done. It simply brings out your natural physique.

    Will the treatment be painful?

    No the treatment is not painful simply because it is non-invasive unlike liposuction or other surgical procedures. You might experience a slight pinch and some numbness after the procedure but otherwise the entire process is painless.


    The pricing per session depends on the area you choose for slimming treatment:

    Abdomen ₹ 3,800
    Hips ₹ 3,800
    Thighs ₹ 4,000
    Arms ₹ 3,300
    Love Handles ₹ 2,500
    Double Chin Reduction ₹ 3,000

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